Laura Enciso born in México city, 1962.

She completed her bachelors degree at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México D.F. She chose Design of Graphic Communications as her area of study.

After graduating, she spent a year in Paris studying art, specializing in Airbrush Painting Effect, Oriental Painting Techniques and Photography. Over the next 20 years she worked as a graphic designer and in 1996 she shifted her artistic practice by delving into oil painting. 

She found her way into figurative abstraction. Once she found her focus within painting, she spent years working and refining her technique and exhibiting her work in México City. 

Part of her artistic evolution involved working closely with other working artists in workshop settings, which inspired the acquisition of concepts and techniques that have come to be part of her oeuvre. 
Since 2009 she has been exploring space and its visual effects, which resulted in a new vision for her painting and pushed forward new techniques that contributed to the development of assemblages constructed through paint. 

Being connected with the art world has been a valuable source of inspiration and supported her search for expression through geometry and abstraction.

In 2009, she was selected for a scholarship by the ¨Fondo para la Cultura y las Artes del Estado de México, FOCAEM¨ with her project ¨Por senderos del tiempo”.

She received a second scholarship in 2013, again with FOCAEM, and developed ¨REMINISCENCIAS," highlighting her work on reliefs and assemblage, a project which she initiated her process with volume and 3D qualities and space. Her exhibition, "REMINISCENCIAS" was later reinstalled by the Museo Universitario Leopoldo Flores, UAEMEX awarded by "Arte Abierto Arte para Todos¨ in 2014.

Some of her  pieces are part of national and international collections belonging to Museo de Antropología e Historia del Estado de México and the University Tecnológico de Monterrey - CEM.
Some of her solo exhibitions have been on view at the Museo de Antropología e Historia del Estado de México, Museo Tlatilco, Museo Universitario Leopoldo Flores and Tecnológico del Monterrey, as well as exhibiting in the Estado de México and with artist collectives in Mexico.


Some international expositions include Solo Art Exhibition 2019 Espaces Éthérés, Galerie Lee Paris, 2016 Héritage de la Lumière Galerie Lee Paris, France. Participation art exhibit ¨Latinoamericano ELAxpo 2011¨ in Belgium-Luxembourg-Holland and in 2013 ¨ETNHIA Latin-American Art¨ in Athens.

Most recently, her paint construction assemblage ¨Lo que Devuelve el Viento¨ is part of the annual Latin-American Fine Arts book for 2014.

She currently lives in Mexico City, while also spending time in Paris, where she continues working on her practice.